Are They Worth It? The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Events

How MootUp can enhance the pros and ease the cons.

At face value, you might think the only pro of a hybrid event is allowing those who can’t make the live event an alternative option of joining, and the con – someone with a dodgy internet connection is going to feel frustrated if they can’t join.

Well, let us tell you there’s a lot more to the pros and cons of hybrid events than this.

As an event organizer, a hybrid event provides you with the opportunity of increasing your event’s reach, increase your brand awareness, and heighten audience engagement. If you keep the focus on your audience’s needs, create fantastic content, and include great speakers then the technical points you might be worrying about will no longer be an issue.

At MootUp we actively work with you from day one. We take the time to understand why you’re hosting your event, what you want it to look like, and what you’re hoping to achieve from it. Based on your requirements, we will make the very best choices for your hybrid event. We will ensure it is as interactive and as immersive as it can be, which will ultimately increase the impact of the experience for your audience.

What does a successful hybrid event feel like to your attendees?

It’s when you’re able to offer active participation for all your attendees and create an environment where each participant is treated as equally important. As an event organizer, your priority should be bringing the physical experience online and the digital experience to all your attendees

So, what are the pros of hosting a hybrid event…

Higher Audience Engagement

The virtual element of your event is key, not only for your digital audience but for your physical one too. You want each one of your audience members to collectively and actively participate.

How many times have you struggled to sustain your audiences’ attention when hosting an event on a 2D virtual platform? 

At MootUp, we partner with businesses and support them through the entire process of planning their hybrid event. We understand how blending your live presentation with digital, interactive features like polls and Q&As will boost the engagement factor for your virtual and in-person audience. As a fully web-based, XR platform, MootUp allows you to create interactive discussions and polls for each attendee to vote on from their chosen device. Not only does this improve the engagement of your audience but it also increases and strengthens the inclusivity of your event.

When you opt for an immersive virtual platform like MootUp to host your event, you can get creative with the way you enhance the engagement of your entire audience by making use of our gamification features. You can create quests or add mini-games that can be played individually or as a team. This will immediately boost your event’s networking capability too. By including gamification features, you are offering your entire audience the chance to connect, engage, and create meaningful relationships with one another. 

Increased Reach

Due to the accessibility of a hybrid event, you can expect a bigger turnout.


You can invite guests from all over the world that you may not usually consider inviting. Without the need to book flights, accommodation, and travel, your international guests will find your event even more appealing. They will be offered the chance to bring a diverse collection of opinions and ideas to your event and spread the word about your business.

At MootUp, we ensure every one of your remote attendees can easily and quickly join your event, no matter where they’re located and regardless of what device they’re using. Your remote participants will never need to download an app or install any fancy software. All they need to do is click a link that is shared with them, and they can join your event in seconds. What’s more, our platform supports all browsers and devices. This provides you, the event organizer, with peace of mind knowing your remote audience won’t face any joining issues. It gives you and your speakers the time to focus on delivering stellar content to your audience.

And, what are the cons of hosting a hybrid event?

Potential Connectivity Issues

67% of event organizers state that technology to ensure a smooth experience is a challenge or concern.

When your remote audience faces connectivity issues during your hybrid event it can prevent them from enjoying the complete experience you worked so hard to produce. This can result in your attendees feeling demotivated and having their engagement negatively impacted. 

This is why you need to research virtual platform providers and ensure you’re choosing a reliable service. 

4 points to consider when making your choice…

  • Does the platform provider offer features that will enhance the goal of your event?
  • How easily can your virtual audience access the event?
  • Will a tech team be available to offer support?
  • How much can you customise your event?

At MootUp, we have an expert tech support team who will be on hand during your event to ensure it’s smooth sailing.

Complex to Deliver and Costly

It’s no longer enough to place a static camera in front of your speaker. Your remote audience wants to feel like they’re at your event, they want to interact with the speakers, and with your in-person audience.

It’s time to get rid of the chronic Zoom fatigue hitting employees all over the world. This is why business owners are turning to immersive platforms like MootUp. You can create your presentations and event flow with both audience types in mind, and allow your remote attendees to interact with speakers, sponsors, partners, and in-person attendees. This will engage everyone and make them feel equally involved.

Whilst the aim of a hybrid event is to connect your in-person and remote attendees, the virtual aspect of your event still needs to be distinct from the in-person experience. If you don’t create your presentations with both audience types in mind, you run the risk of not satisfying part of your audience.

It is clear that planning a hybrid event can not only be a little more complex but it can be pricier than a standard live event.

By taking the following factors into account, you will need to strategically assess your pricing decisions.

  • How much will you charge in-person and remote delegates? 
  • What size venue will you need for your in-person attendees? How long will you need it for?
  • How many exhibitors or sponsors will you be including?
  • How will you market your event?
  • Will you need tech support?
  • How much will your virtual venue cost?

Working out your budget shouldn’t be a stressful experience for you, and it definitely shouldn’t put you off choosing to deliver a hybrid event. At MootUp we have an Event Budget Calculator that will help you easily assess your budget.

Hybrid events have the ability to provide all your attendees with an exceptional experience. Don’t let the cons prevent you from opting for this style of event as there is always a solution to them. Hybrid events are fast becoming the new normal within the event industry, which is why the MootUp team works with businesses to ensure their event is as interactive, engaging, and as immersive as possible.

Ready to get the ball rolling with your hybrid event?

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MootUp was developed to provide advanced options for creating interactive and immersive booths that maximize sponsor and company exposure and engagement. All these capabilities across work in the widest range of devices possible including smartphones, laptops, and tablets without any installations.

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