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goodday launch

Asahi GoodDay Launch Case Study

As a global brand Asahi has a phenomenal reach with products available in over 90 countries and growing. This reach and growth are a result of acquisitions but also innovation. This case study explores just that, the company’s expansion into new markets and their desire to innovate. A beverage created especially for the Filipino market, Good Day cultured milk.


Healthcare Futurists Case Study

Healthcare Futurists Case Study

Every year Healthcare Futurists offers ‘Hackathons’; these are events where individuals are asked to come forward with innovative ideas to solve medical problems. They tend to be of two types. The first, open to individuals, and the second are closed events in which participants all belong to the same company (which has sponsored the event).

mootup and bluejeans

BlueJeans Events Become Metaverse Experiences With MootUp

MootUp today announced a new partner integration with BlueJeans by Verizon, reimagining virtual events in the era of the metaverse with 3D, VR, and AR immersive environments, avatars, and AI chat-bots.



Maspira group Metaverse

Case Study: Maspira Group Exploring The Metaverse

Virtual and hybrid events platforms allow event planners to easily host immersive and engaging experiences for clients. When the Maspira Groupe was looking to adapt their virtual events strategy in the wake of the pandemic, they had a very specific set of demands. We’ll hear more about those requirements shortly.

Impartner Metaverse

Case Study: Impartner Immersive Virtual Summit

Impartner was clear that what they wanted was far more than a one-off virtual event. Their vision was about bringing people together, community building, sharing expertise, and bringing the fun and value of in-person events back.

What did this translate to? An interactive virtual world. They wanted a fully functional conference center.

the hub group agency

The Hub Group Agency Case Study

The Hub group has always been a digital events agency. However, the pandemic meant a flood of new clients who would otherwise have had in-person events. This meant that the organisation had to find a platform that could specifically solve the potential client’s challenges.


tedx virtual event

TEDx hosts their first ever 3D immersive virtual event

MootUp was used at the “Next Roaring 20’s” TEDx event held by TEDxLeuven. The XR, VR-ready unique and innovative technology-enabled Tedx to change the dynamic of their traditional conference-room events and deliver a unique experience in a virtual venue where attendees could meet new people, network and interact as they would in real life.

UN virtual event

75th Anniversary of the United Nations Organization

We understand the difficulty of deciding which platform best suits your organization’s needs. Especially when your organization is United Nations. UN proved once again their desire to reach as many people as possible and their ability to innovate by choosing to celebrate their ’75th Anniversary using MootUp’s immersive, web-based technology.
AAA virtual event

Association of African American Financial Advisors Annual Event

The feeling of ‘being there’ comes from the sense of presence and belonging inherent in an immersive 3D avatar-based experience. MootUp was created with that exact thought in mind. It supports and encourages human interaction for professional and social networking alike. It uses 3D immersive and web-based virtual reality experiences that are “close to what would be experienced in real life”.

dell virtual event

Enterprise Tech Case Study: Dell

Dell wanted to allow their customers to virtually demo the products they were launching for their ‘Classroom of the Future’. Instead of shipping heavy equipment and facilitating 1:1 in-person meetings, they wanted an evergreen, interactive, virtual experience that allowed customers to explore the product suite on-demand.


tennesse boys virtual event

Tennessee Boys State First Hybrid Event in MootUp

The TN Boys State Program faced many challenges in going virtual, such as making it possible for the delegates to campaign for mock elections, building camaraderie between city members, the ability for delegates to engage during presentations with each other and the presenters, and limited options for city competitions (to name a few).


mootup and bluejeans

Events in the Metaverse iGoOver Case Study

Luca Sancricca, the co-founder of event agency iGoOver, wanted to create a virtual gathering that shone a light on the latest developments in the health and education sectors.  When Sancricca was looking for a platform for his multi-industry clients, he had a specific set of needs.


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