Enterprise Tech Case Study: Dell


The Challenge

Dell wanted to allow their customers to virtually demo the products they were launching for their ‘Classroom of the Future’. Instead of shipping heavy equipment and facilitating 1:1 in-person meetings, they wanted an evergreen, interactive, virtual experience that allowed customers to explore the product suite on-demand.

The Solution

The Future-Ready Classroom Virtual Experience – an interactive, avatar-guided tour of a virtual classroom that allowed users to explore Dell products in a fully immersive setting. MootUp worked with Dell to create an experience that was accessible across mobile phones, tablets, PC’s and VR headsets allowing the experience to reach Dell’s entire customer base. The virtual classroom contained 3D representations of Dell products and helped to educate customers on the benefits of using these products within a classroom environment.

The Results

Dell initially piloted this program with Microsoft as part of their Worldwide Partner conference. It was so well received that the Dell team rolled the experience out to 15 partners who are now using it as part of their sales enablement programs. Total reach for the experience has been 1,200+ people over a two-year period. The program also won an international Marcom award.


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