Digital Twin Technology: Introducing Metaverse-enabled Technology to Property

Property Reporter is featuring this insightful article by our CEO Danny Stefanic.

In the article Danny Stefanic explores the disruptive potential of the metaverse on real estate, using interactive digital twins, 3D virtual spaces, immersive experiences and so much more.

“the combination of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and digital twins could even impact the valuation of real estate, which is determined by both its physical and virtual value.- Danny Stefanic
Image details: 3D Digital Scan of Sketchfab Office uploaded in the MootUp platform and explore with 3D full-body avatar

When we talk about the metaverse, we are simply referring to the creation of shared, 3D virtual spaces that are linked to an online universe and able to be accessed through different online tools and explored with (3D) avatars. It’s taking our regular, 2D engagement with websites and software, and adding another dimension that encourages engagement and interaction.- Danny Stefanic, MootUp and Hyperspace CEO and Founder

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