Enable Slack Sync – Permissions

What is Slack Sync?

Reduce the number of people required in meetings with Slack Sync. Enable Slack Sync to enjoy two-way message sync between your channels and rooms.


Permissions to enable Slack Sync

 Confirm your identity on LearnBrite
 Post messages to LearnBrite
  Access all content in LearnBrite
  Receive all events from LearnBrite in realtime

Post back meeting chat

It’s super useful to have chat and links shared in a meeting also posted to your slack channel for future searching and for reference for other slack members.

Without slack sync enabled messages and links you share in a meeting won’t be available in the slack channel.

Lurk and contribute from Slack

Slack sync also allows channel members who are not in the room to respond via slack to the meeting conversation.

Not everyone needs to be in every meeting but if they read the chat and have something timely to contribute they can.