Sketchfab and MootUp Bring Engagement and Immersion to Virtual and Hybrid Events

Starting today, you can bring a compelling new dimension to audience engagement by transforming Sketchfab models into MootUp multiuser immersive experiences. Authors can create, customize and brand their own 3D virtual world where avatars can explore, mingle and engage with your Sketchfab content.

With MootUp and Sketchfab you can:

  • Launch 3D products live on-stage to thousands of attendees
  • Explore 3D digital or scanned environments together as avatars
  • Decorate persistent spaces with 3D furniture, videos, images, webpages, PDFs and more
  • Watch or share live video streaming in any 3D environment

Events are easy to join, there’s nothing to install, just share a link. 3D virtual worlds can be experienced on any device, mobile, tablet, chromebooks, laptops or any VR/AR headset.

With MootUp it’s now possible to unlock the future of hybrid work and hybrid events with digital twins or real-world venues. 3D models can be scanned allowing attendees to meet in the same location online as their physically located colleagues. Local and remote attendees can collaborate together using video conferencing, presentations, and chat.

Sketchfab Import Capabilities

Whether you are looking for pot plants, couches, trade show booths, meeting rooms… Sketchfab has it all.

SketchFab can be used with MootUp in two ways. Firstly an integrated search allows you to find and instantly add CC-licensed models as decorations or as entire scenes. SketchFab’s automated conversion to web compatible GLTF format works seamlessly. Secondly assets purchased from the SketchFab Store can be uploaded to the included MootUp cloud storage and used in the same fashion.

To give MootUp a try, visit the website, set up a space, and invite your colleagues! Learn more about using Sketchfab in MootUp ( or follow @MootUp on LinkedIn