With virtual events, you have the advantage of being able to organize much larger events at a much lower cost. From reserving a venue, paying for refreshments (or even lunch or dinner), paying someone to clean the venue, and many more, the costs can really add up.

So here are just a few of the cost savings when hosting a virtual event.

  • Venues, Staff, Catering
    One of the biggest costs of an in-person event is almost always the venue. This includes the actual rental cost and the security deposit in most cases. When you choose to host your event virtually, you don’t have to pay for a venue at all. You can host from anywhere, and people can attend from anywhere, too. 

If you are looking to organize a series of events you may be able to negotiate a discount for using a single virtual conference platform for all events.

Here are other areas where virtual events will save you money

  • Travel, Marketing, and Speakers
    The real draw for speakers (and your company credit card) is that they can join in from the comfort of their own homes, therefore not spending money or valuable time traveling to and from the event or buying meals. This also means that often speakers will be inclined to offer reduced rates, or even take part for free.

MootUp was developed to provide advanced options for creating interactive and immersive booths that maximize sponsor and company exposure and engagement. All these capabilities across work in the widest range of devices possible including smartphones, laptops, and tablets without any installations. Let us show you around our platform, book a demo today, and have your event up and running in weeks.

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About MootUp

Founded by 20-year virtual reality veteran, Danny Stefanic, MootUp is a truly immersive virtual event platform. The 3D web technology that powers the platform has evolved over the years to enable 3D environments accessible across any device from laptops, mobile phones and VR headsets.

The MootUp team is a passionate group of developers, technologists, strategists, and account managers who all believe in the power of technology to help solve business challenges and connect communities around the globe.