How To Host A Successful Online Virtual Event in the Metaverse with MootUp

During the global pandemic, it was impossible to host an event or get everyone together in person. Businesses were forced to quickly pivot and innovate in order to be able to keep things moving and doors open. Many organizations chose to forego in-person events due to safety limitations, and migrate their events online, through Zoom Webinars, virtual meetings, and more. Though many industries are resuming to pre-pandemic conditions, there are facets of our evolved digital landscape that are here to stay. Virtual versions of company meetings, team gatherings, and organizational events have become the future for corporations, especially if they offer immersive and memorable experiences in locations as engaging as the Metaverse. The continuously increasing adoption comes to prove, is here to stay after all.

MootUp is your go-to source for all things virtual. Our virtual event platform technology enables your business to conduct a wide array of events and meetings that are different from any virtual meeting you may have attended before. Our exceptional features mimic the realism of in-person gatherings and create an immersive virtual experience that blows your average, everyday online meetings out of the water. Create a custom 3D avatar for guests to see, wander around different 3D rooms and environments, and wave ‘Hi’ to friends as they do the same. MootUp has created an online experience unlike any other.

If you are looking to take advantage of this everlasting trend in the business world, we have some tips to share on what it takes to host a successful online event, and how MootUp is your Metaverse for Business partner.

1.Set Clear Goals

Before you start planning all of the exciting details of your virtual event, it is important to set clear goals and standards about what you’d like to see from the event and what expectations you might be upholding. First, consider, what is the purpose of the event? What are you trying to achieve? Setting these hyper-focused goals is important, but so is making sure your event guests understand them and how they will be achieved. Having these guidelines will make for a more successful event as guests immerse themselves in the process of it all. These guidelines can also help you to choose and customize 3D models from MootUp’s template library, inform which KPI’s our backend should analyze, and help design engaging experiences for every attendee.

Metaverse event

2.Choose a Virtual Event Platform

Your goals and objectives will help determine the type of platform to deliver your event. MootUp offers unrivaled customization options, integrations, and experiences, like no competitor in the online event space. Our immersive 3D metaverse technology allows for events that are unmatched in our industry.

Using the right platform is critical as it will help guarantee the success of your digital event by providing the experience needed to reach your success goals. So it always pays to be informed, do your research and make sure you choose the right solution that will ensure you achieve your vision! Your digital event space should offer tools that allow you to foster human connections, communication and conversations between attendees, provide real-time metrics and analytics, and allow guests to have a place to make positive interactions when sharing goals, insights, and more. MootUp provides the interactive features you need when conducting real and substantive meetings, conferences, or other gatherings.

3.Select an Optimal Event Date and Time

Despite the general belief that virtual events have lower attendance, virtual events have increased both reach and attendance. Choosing optimal times for events to ensure main time-zones are covered for your target audience can allow you to maximize your reach – across the globe. Ill-timed events can substantially impact attendance. Rule number one: know your audience. If you offer an event that covers multiple time zones, choose a schedule that follows the time overlap and include on-demand content. This is easily done with MootUp and if you want to take it one step further, use AI chatbots as always-on guides for attendees joining later.

A good idea, where possible, is to also avoid any scheduling conflicts such as those that may coincide with a competitor’s event or hosting an event on a national holiday. Picking an appropriate time and date for your event will optimize the attendance of your virtual audience. Always try to choose a time frame that maximizes potential attendance.

4.Promote Your Virtual Event

Promoting your event is going to be one of the key areas to focus on ahead of time, especially if you are looking for a large turnout. Advertise your virtual event and its many benefits to your potential attendees and across any social platforms you know your audience is using, remember the point about knowing your audience? Make sure to do so well in advance of the event date, and keep up with event reminders at optimal times as the event grows closer. Aside from the important information, like the date and time, it’s helpful to include information on how to register and tips on participating and navigating through the virtual space.

Immersive platforms like MootUp can also take the promotion of your event, one step further. Once you are clear on your audience (what they like, what devices they use, how they consume information or media, etc) you can set-up a pre-event virtual world and experience. This will allow you to create a community around the event, connecting the Metaverse experience with social media channels and marketing efforts. A visually rich platform such as MootUp allows and encourages attendees to take virtual selfies and snapshots in the platform and post them on social media using your event hashtag (we strongly recommend you create one!).

This type of experience will easily allow your attendees to become familiar with, provide feedback and suggestions on content and even run a show.

5.Develop a Clear Agenda

To improve the overall user experience for each of your guests, provide a clear agenda so they can plan ahead and avoid wasting time when the event kicks off. Produce an easy-to-read event agenda so that participants are aware of the schedule and segmented timing of event sessions, activities, and more. Be sure to avoid sessions that are too long and include any free time both for offline activities as well as within the event so participants know when they’ll have the freedom to mingle and explore the virtual space. With MootUp, you have endless possibilities when creating environments and gamified experiences for your attendees; from scavenger hunts, escape rooms to any other experiences that align with your event and success goals. All to ensure you offer attendees an experience they won’t forget!

6.Prepare Your Speakers

It is important to prepare your speakers for the unique aspects of speaking at a virtual event. There is technology involved that they may not be accustomed to using. Speakers should rehearse their process repeatedly, decide on and test their tech, computer, connection, microphone especially if they are new to addressing virtual or hybrid audiences. MootUp is accessible on any internet enabled device without the need to download or install anything. This alone removes barriers to entry and attendance. Speakers won’t have to worry about downloading a piece of software they may only use once even. As long as they have an internet connection, a phone, tablet, computer or even a VR/ AR device, they are good to go!

For speakers presenting from home, it’s good practice to try and anticipate any people or animals in their home that may require their attention at the time of their presentation, and take steps to avoid those interruptions as much as possible.

7.Troubleshoot Tech Issues in Advance

Preparation and proactivity against technical glitches and difficulties will help greatly reduce any disappointment or loss of your attendees. Ensure that you have access to the resources you’ll need in case of any hitches throughout the event. MootUp offers self-help resources and a dedicated support team. Whether you are an experienced user, or just starting out with virtual or hybrid events, it’s a good idea to have a plan ready before the event. For new users, read our FAQs (located on the bottom of our homepage), learn more about the platform beforehand, or connect with the MootUp support team for further guidance.

8.Encourage Engagements and Interactions

Develop opportunities for interactions and engagements between your attendees as well as opportunities for attendees to engage with speakers. MootUp event platform offers users the option to ask questions via live chat, Q&A, video and audio calls, and even forms that can be placed in the 3D environment event. Other tools and features that can optimize attendee experience and participation are breakout sessions, surveys, live polls, puzzles, contests, quizzes, and gamified experiences.

Event organizers will have all the tools they need to create a successful and interactive time for any type of event they are looking to host. To learn about how we can help you pull off a successful and memorable online virtual event through MootUp, call us today at 347.535.0844, reach us by email at [email protected], or schedule a demo.