How to Host An Event of Any Size in the Metaverse

How to Host An Event of Any Size in the Metaverse

The metaverse withholds a vast horizon of capabilities. One of the best ways to utilize the metaverse event space is with a virtual event. At MootUp, we offer a 3D interactive virtual platform that allows you to host metaverse events of any size. MootUp’s virtual events platform is not only ideal for small-scale events to events with thousands of concurrent attendees, it is also highly accessible for anyone, anywhere in the world. Let’s dive a little more into what MootUp’s advanced virtual event platform can do to help you take your virtual event to the next Level.

Easily Accessible, Anywhere, Anytime

MootUp specifically designed this platform with ease of access in mind, which is why the platform is fully browser-based, enabling easily accessible capabilities and features. It is the most easily accessible virtual event platform to date and a category leader for immersive 3D virtual events. What browser based means, is that it can be accessed on any device that has internet access. The best part? No downloads, no installations, no hassles or gimmicks. No virtual reality equipment necessary unless you want to. If you’re sending out invites to your virtual attendees, all they will have to do is click the link and their party can begin.

This ease of access is highly beneficial when looking to expand global outreach of your company, brand, or organization, or simply when you are looking to expand your network of like-minded individuals. Here’s a great metaverse event case study as an example. Dsgnrswrkshp held an event in which members of the Black community gathered in the virtual space to shine light on their work as designer’s, and networked to help support, share stories, and uplift one another.

This type of accessibility, flexibility, and ability to reach audiences across the globe is highly important when working together in business, and in life, to create a mutual space for everyone to gather with ease.

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Incredible Collaboration Tools, Engagement Features, and Gamification

Within MootUp’s virtual event space, you will find immersive 3D features unlike any other virtual event platform. MootUp’s platform provides an interactive experience in full 3D, with the ability to add 2D features if you’d like. First, you are able to create your own digital twin (or be as creative as you’d like) when creating your personalized full-body 3D avatar that represents you in the metaverse. Your avatar has the ability to chat with others, dance, shake hands, emote, and more. So not only does your 3D avatar look like you, you can be and act like yourself too. If you don’t want to be a fully 3D avatar, you can be a video avatar, in which a 2D livestream of your video camera can navigate the virtual event space and you can interact with other guests just as you would in person, or on a video call.

Of course, in order to host an incredible, unforgettable event, you must have substance, and that’s exactly what this 3D virtual event platform provides. Within the event space, you have the ability to create a virtual event space that is personalized and customized to make the event look and feel how you want it. You can fully customize any 3D environment with company branding and logos that recreate your company’s culture and atmosphere. Create different rooms within the event space for guests to explore (and scale as needed – more on this below), hold virtual fairs and virtual exhibits in which event attendees can view new products, shop, and interact with displays, and you can play games, provide quizzes, and even host guest speakers.

The best part about all of this, is there is no limitation to what your event size looks like. With large events, it can be hard to find a venue or event space that holds the capacity that you’re looking for – especially at a decent price. Within our virtual event platform, you can scale the venue in real-time whenever you need it. Big turnout? No problem, the platform scales seamlessly to match your needs without any work needed from your end. Or you can simply make the room larger, add a room, or even add a building. Guests can spread out and enjoy themselves. The same goes for when the event dies down towards the end and you don’t need all the space; allow the platform to automatically adjust for it. When hosting events in the real world, you’re likely to find astronomical pricing on venues, catering, entertainment, and more. In the MootUp metaverse world, everything you need is right in front of you.

As your guests free-roam and interact with one another and the event space itself, you as the host can be gathering precious metrics and analytics data that is helpful for you to understand how the event is going, and how your business or products are performing and use as a reliable source of info for future planning and calculating return on investment. Provide your guests with quizzes, live surveys and polls, Q&A sessions, scavenger hunts, team building activities and more. When you engage your guests and they become part of the event, whether they play a game or answer questions, not only do you increase the engagement level but data is collected and is provided directly to you so you know exactly what worked and what didn’t.

You can see how well your employees know the company, how people feel about your new product, how many people viewed the product and for how long, and collect essential data to help you better understand how your business is perceived and help you grow where necessary. You can also learn how many connections were made, and overall use this gamification and data to review how well your event turned out. Afterall, a successful event is full of interaction, connection, and entertainment. Providing an immersive experience for all is the best way to make sure everyone has a good time.

So now that you know that anything’s possible in the MootUp virtual world, what are best practices when it comes to hosting your own event?

Organizing and Hosting Your Own Metaverse Event

Hosting an event of any scale in the Metaverse is an effective way to expand your company’s reach and increase influence to your audience. Inviting guests into this virtual space is a creative, fun, and interactive way to attract new customers during the launch of a marketing campaign, or simply to promote overall interaction between company and consumer. Though an experienced event organizer may be more apt to hosting a virtual event, you don’t have to be the Great Gatsby of event hosts in order to have a successful gathering in the Metaverse. MootUp provides all of the tools you need to customize, create, interact, manage small or large audiences using host moderating tools and have a successful event turnout. Plus, if you do have questions, MootUp has a 24/7 chatbot that can assist at any time. Regardless of your experience with organizing and hosting events, the Metaverse platform is available to anyone looking to get together with peers and coworkers, connect with like-minded groups of individuals, network, market products, or adopt a more influential outreach experience between buyer and brand. With MootUp, your event can be anything you imagine.

How can you create a successful event? We’ve gathered some helpful ideas to aid in your efficacy of hosting an event in the Metaverse space.

1. Promote Interaction

Despite observations that criticize most virtual events for their inability to promote successful networking, increasing the quality of interaction among participants is possible when using the right platform. 3D interactive platforms such as MootUp are a fantastic option for networking and socializing, ensuring that participants be it employees at an internal company event, current or potential customers at a product launch or attendees at a career fair, not only interact with each other but they do so in a familiar setting and at their own pace, just as they would in real.

Users are able to fully immerse themselves in the online experience, interact with other guests, and gain familiarity with the customized 3D interactive spaces within the virtual world. Your customized event space includes various rooms for guests to enter and join in on associated activities. The immersion, inclusivity, and virtual sensory experience of the event make all the difference, creating a sense of co-presence which in turn allows for shared experiences just as at any in-person event.

2. Leverage Metaverse Scalability

There are some advantages to hosting an event through the MootUp Metaverse platform that are not usually possible at real-world events. For example, having a large turnout is considered a success until it starts to feel overcrowded and people become noticeably uncomfortable with the lack of personal space. In the MootUp Metaverse virtual event platform, you can scale the event as required at any time. This means the platform automatically scales with your event needs.

New sections and virtual worlds can be added in real-time and are available instantly if you need to spin up new spaces for various attendee needs.

3. Provide Powerful Customer Support

When guests enter your event space, they should have an easy time being able to navigate the virtual event space and virtual platform. Some people are more tech savvy than others, yes, but MootUp’s platform was strategically developed to be an easy-to-use, accessible event space for everyone. In the case of questions, event attendees have access to chat support at all times during the event to quickly get answers when they need them. Support representatives must respond quickly to users’ inquiries. Rapid response times facilitate user experience and ensure that they are not distracted from the event for too long. Before the event begins, it is best practice to ensure that all chats and support buttons have been tested and that any non-active templates are repaired and re-tested for assurance.

By providing thorough and competent user support, you are securing a level of professionalism that your virtual attendees will appreciate as they navigate the digital platform. If possible, it is helpful to brief your users prior to the event on the logistics, including factors like understanding the various sessions happening at once, their location within the platform, and if and when a recording of the vent will be available. Having some knowledge of what to expect will heighten your guests’ virtual event experience right from the start, although chat support will be there for them at any time.

4. Set Boundaries

As the meeting organizer you have the ability to establish expectations, guidelines, and meeting rules for your social event, just as you would with any other offline, real-world gathering. For example, you can establish boundaries to protect user privacy and limit who can access the event. Additionally, MootUp allows for multiple levels of privacy from private audio zones that require a code to enter to full-on VIP rooms, and areas of the virtual world strictly reserved for staff or speakers while others are open to the public. At any point during your digital event, permission to access certain spaces may be given to, or withheld from, certain individuals for the entire event or particular periods of time only.

5. Personalize the Event to Attendees’ Interests

Your event can break the chains on what people think about, and expect, from virtual networking — and it should! These advanced metaverse solutions offer virtually unlimited options for engaging and interactive experiences, creating endless opportunities for a fun, creative, and memorable time. Your possibilities are endless! Don’t stick to the status quo of every business meeting, networking event, or virtual conference that is always just the same as the other. Virtual events benefit heavily from personalization. Allowing for session topics to be catered toward the interests of your guests can help promote engagement. This engagement assists in creating a sense of fulfillment, allowing them to get the most out of the experience you’ve created.

This is an opportunity to create an event for guests through an immersive technology that allows meeting participants to explore a wide range of digital spaces, making MootUp virtual meeting an interactive virtual venue for experiences that top any other events. Increasing attendee experience increases the attendee engagement, making your event unforgettable and leaving your guests eagerly awaiting your next one.

Your event of the year awaits! For information about our virtual event solutions in the Metaverse, call us today at 347.535.0844, email us at [email protected], or set up a demo.