Hybrid Events

Wondering between virtual or in-person? You can now combine the best of the two worlds.

Virtual Launch

You’re in good company, Moot is being used by 1000’s of organizations

Increase Reach & Attendance

Increase ROI by increasing reach and attendance. Hybrid events increase your reach immensely by including those who want to attend, but can’t, and those who are unsure if your event is worth their time.

Hybrid Event

Higher Engagement with your Audience

Add a virtual option to your event and plan audience-first. Your virtual audience is actively participating from their mobile devices, computers, tablets, and even VR-devices meaning they can talk, share, like, comment, and much more. This adds more engagement opportunities that would not be possible at a strictly live event, both during and post-event.

Hybrid Tedx

Try it yourself now!

virtual coworking

Virtual Coworking

Reduce Environmental Impact and Costs

Going hybrid is a great way to accommodate attendees who are conscious of their personal carbon footprint. This will reduce travel costs not just for the attendees but for your sponsors and crew as well. Adding Virtual Sponsorship to your event means sponsors can participate 100% online and still generate value.

virtual meeting


A hybrid event platform offers valuable insurance that no matter the circumstances you will have a successful event. With technology more accessible than ever and with the right tools you remove the gamble of live-only events


Free Guide: 2021 Organize your Virtual Fair or Conference

The Virtual Era is here. Adapt your team to the new times improving its performance and engagement. By downloading this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to organize a Virtual Fair or Conference
  • Best Virtual Event Platforms
  • Attract and Engage your Audience
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