Turn-key Metaverse Events

Customize your very own virtual world in a few easy steps and deliver customer value faster than ever before with MootUp OnDemand.


Unlimited opportunities to engage your audience

MootUp OnDemand gives you immediate access to your very own persistent 3D virtual world.
With flexible
options to tailor your experience to fit your business needs.

Conferences & Tradeshows

– Extend the reach of your event
– Monetize virtual spaces & goods
– Presell 3D floor plans

Meetings & Collaboration

– Connect team members globally
– Participate in brain-storming sessions
– Engage with leadership more openly

Social Gatherings & Team Building

– Host informal events to promote culture
– Think outside of the confines of a venue
– Entertain with comedy shows or concerts

A platform built for scale and speed

An enterprise metaverse XR solution that works across all devices (web, mobile, and VR headsets) with no downloads, no coding, and endless options to drive interation in a new dimension.

Customers already hosting events in the metaverse

Take your events to new heights with MootUp OnDemand and join the future forward brands
already exploring in the metaverse.

Join The Enterprise Metaverse Today

Sign up for the MootUp OnDemand free trial and begin hosting Metaverse Events today.

1. Create an account

Sign up for a free account using your work email and receive access to your very own 3D virtual world.

2. Take us for a test drive

Create unique 3D spaces and invite colleagues in for a hands-on 3D experience.

3. Select your plan

Identify the size of your metaverse community and choose an initial use case for your business

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