Reasons Why Hybrid Events Are the Future

It’s not a secret that 2020 was a wild, unexpected year for all of us. The worldwide pandemic shifted us quickly into the continuously digitized world, beyond what we had been accustomed to, though many of us already spent so much time online for shopping, education, work, and play, the restrictions and having the in-person option removed were not easy to adapt to.

So while many were familiar with the digital world, the pandemic influenced everyone into digitalization, and industries such as the events industry had to adapt more than others. In the words one of of MootUp’s clients it was “Adapt or die”. With heavy social-distancing guidelines in place, requirements to stay home, and restrictions against gatherings of mostly any size, the citizens of the world did what they do best: pivot, adapt, and move forward. There were still people to talk to, things to do, work to attend to, and jobs to be done. These safety concerns forced many industries to do their business online, and for some, that meant an entirely new business model from what they knew best.

From this, a world of endless virtual opportunities was birthed. Since the pandemic shifted us all, the trend to go virtual has continued to grow even as the pandemic wound down. With virtual events and meetings being the only way we could communicate, we adapted to a new normality that we were unaware would become so helpful and easily accessible for all and it turns out that normality is here to stay..

In some cases it has been shown that virtual meetings have higher participation rates. Maybe that’s because by reducing travel time, it gives individuals more freedom around the time of the event to complete other tasks and still attend. It also allows for some with a mobile handicap or those without a means of transportation to finally attend an event. Perhaps participation has increased because it allows those with small children and busy home lives to step away but not actually have to go too far. Anyone from around the world can access these events.

Metaverse event

Technology to the rescue! Its continued evolution encouraged businesses and individuals everywhere to take their events to the next level. Seeing the positive impact that adopting virtual events has had, event managers have been encouraged to continue onward with the trend. What could possibly be a step up from virtual events especially post-pandemic and with things returning to normal? Incorporating hybrid events as one of their chief event models.

A hybrid event is a real-world event that offers remote attendees the ability to join virtually and interact just as they would if they were physically there. It takes the best attributes of both in-person and virtual event elements and allows them to come together within the digital space of a virtual event platform. This type of event allows people to choose a way to attend that works best for them and their schedule. In turn, you maximize your attendance by providing options.

It is also beneficial if you are hoping for a large turnout but your physical event space cannot hold all possible attendees. Accessible to anyone with an internet connection, attendees can participate in a hybrid event through a mobile device or desktop computer depending on the platform servicing the virtual component of the hybrid event. The features provided within the event assure that each person experiences the event in a similar fashion, no matter where they connect from. At MootUp, we offer the truly immersive virtual component to hybrid event platforms necessary to help you promote and host hybrid events of any size for your business, where virtual attendees are not just spectators but participants.

Here are four important reasons why hybrid events will be the wave of the future when it comes to business events, networking, and conferencing:

1. Increased Reach and Attendance

As a business or a brand, bigger always seems to be better. Using a hybrid events platform allows you to handle hundreds or thousands of attendees when combining both a live and virtual audience. Both options of attending will provide every event guest a similar interactive experience for attendees. An exclusively in-person event can be restrictive in terms of the number of participants possible and the size of the location. Hybrid events however allow you to break through those restrictions making it possible for a significantly larger number of virtual attendees, often even more than those joining in-person, to attend the event. Therefore, enabling you to extend your reach, nationally and internationally, which also maximizes the potential of your event.

2. Higher Audience Engagement

By adding virtual elements to your event, you offer the benefit of a wider network extension for all who attend. Both remote and in-person attendees can engage with each other as well as participate in various interactive engagement opportunities together, enabling both parties to rejoice in their hybrid event experience.Opportunities for engagement are available throughout the course of the event, and can include interactive features such as: Live polls, Q&A, live-chat for commenting and communicsting, watercooler networking opportunities, and interacting with other event participants and even event speakers. There is also the option to utilize other interactive tools such as surveys, gamified experiences and many more.

3. Reduction of Event Costs

When considering all of the costs that are involved in hosting an in-person event, such as food, drinks, catering services, live entertainment or guest speakers, travel, the cost of the venue itself, etc., you realize it can quickly become significantly pricey. The more attendees you have at a live event, the higher the expenses involved. Hybrid events can help reduce those various costs that are associated with physical events. Not to be misconstrued, there are also costs of adding virtual elements to a live event. These costs are mainly more associated with, the virtual platform used, cameras, computers, and audio which are required in order to stream the event out to the remote participant. It’s worth nothing that these are items we usually have at in-person events anyway.

This means we can leverage not only the content we create, since everything is created digitally to begin with anyway, but also everything we invest in the virtual aspect can be reused in the future. All in all, it will turn out that hybrid events give you a greater control over your event budget and can help you save money.

Better Sponsorship Opportunities

Spread your brand far and wide and increase your outreach to a wider audience. Corporate sponsors benefit from their participation in hybrid events since they are able to take advantage of various hybrid model features, including virtual audience and in-person interactions, higher global outreach, and brand promotion. Features within the virtual venue space allow for sponsors to customize their 3D environment with brand promotion opportunities. These profound opportunities include the ability to showcase new products, place logos around the virtual event venue, offer sponsored sessions, VIP sponsor breakout rooms, and more. Through hybrid events, detailed metrics can be used to make key connections that go beyond their obvious target audience.

Each hybrid event has its own story to tell. MootUp offers you the foundation and platform needed to make your get together a memorable experiences for attendees For information about the hybrid event platform solutions we offer at MootUp for your online event needs, call us today at 347.535.0844, email [email protected],or set up a demo.