Top Ten Reasons to Host a Metaverse Event in 2022

Is the metaverse a gamechanger for the events world? 

From virtual reality and gamification to data-rich immersive experiences and 3D environments, technology will disrupt conventions, conferences, meetings, and business hangouts forever. It will enable companies to network better and generate more leads.

“I believe the metaverse is the next chapter for the internet,” said Mark Zuckerberg.

Why would hosting a metaverse event in 2022 give an advantage to event planners and businesses looking to leverage innovation? Soon we’ll explain how the new virtual world can save you money, but before that let’s look at how the metaverse can create more exciting experiences for event participants.

Here are ten reasons to host a metaverse event in 2022.

Reason #1: Videogame fun

Events on the new virtual worlds are essentially souped-up videogames, so say goodbye to boring, didactic conferences, and say hello to dynamic gamified events with rich, immersive experiences.

Reason #2: Real-world presence 

On 2D apps like Teams, attendees can feel invisible at a conference.  On the metaverse, there is a diverse selection of avatars giving participants agency and a sense of actually ‘being’ amongst other people. 

Reason #3: Chance encounters

Attendees can stroll through virtual worlds and bump into other participants, so the metaverse is excellent at building networks. Designers can create event infrastructures where attendees can interact in a more natural way, leveraging watercooler moments and encouraging conversations that help make meaningful connections and form communities.

Reason #4: Metrics and analytics

A great benefit of the metaverse is the chance to assess attendee behaviour. Virtual booths can offer the names of every visitor, the content they downloaded, the videos they watched, the questions they asked, and the CTAs they clicked on. This will go down particularly well for event sponsors who will be able to integrate metrics and analytics into their KPIs.

Reason #5: Boost scalability

Growing an event portfolio while minimizing operational costs is the holy grail for the event planning community. Considering this, the metaverse offers a fantastic opportunity because in the virtual world there are no upper limits on capacity and participants can join from thousands of kilometers away. In addition, the virtual world has no traveling costs, hotels, or food expenses, so attendees have a greater margin to pay for tickets.

Reason #6: Combat Zoom fatigue

Whereas 2D apps like Zoom can create fatigue after heavy use, the new virtual worlds are more engaging and lifelike and hold the attention of attendees more effectively. These days people have an appetite for more real interactions online, and the metaverse satisfies this demand with invigorating digital encounters. 

Reason #7: Self-expression and inclusion

On certain parts of the planet, the opportunity to participate in events can be limited. The option of metaverse gatherings lets people in these parts of the world interact with colleagues on an equal footing. Apart from empowering the developing world, this is good for the events themselves because a more inclusive audience means a more diverse selection of experiences and opinions.

Reason #8: Accessibility

Some people think the metaverse is complicated and expensive, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Organizing an event in the metaverse doesn’t necessarily need a customized solution, cost a fortune, or even take months to develop. With MootUp, for example, all the work is already done. Providing a fully functional, streamlined, easy to use, and web-based platform that can be fully branded and immediately available.

Reason #9: Strengthen cost control

Overspending is a big worry for any business, and the metaverse can help. In a real-world setting, there are many unknowns about final event spending. On the metaverse though, gatherings are built on an analytics-rich, digital platform, so it’s easier to ringfence department spending

Reason #10: First-mover advantage

The metaverse has just exploded, and it looks likely to have an exciting future. In chess, the player who starts the game has an upper hand. It works the same with the new virtual world. Event portfolios that integrate the metaverse now will have an advantage over competitors as they will be the first in a new service category.

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