The metaverse is here, but what does it mean for investors?

As the next phase of the internet, the Metaverse comes with unlimited opportunities for businesses using metaverse solutions and implicitly for the investors looking to get in on the next trillion-dollar industry.

But there’s more to it than that. Our CEO, Danny Stefanic has been invited to share his knowledge and expertise on the matter at Investment Week

“There is no cap when it comes to determining the true value of the industry – it is this point which understandably has investors excited, with questions arising as to where the best entry points are for buying investment into the metaverse.”- Danny Stefanic, MootUp and Hyperspace CEO and Founder

The metaverse is a grand, multifaceted concept. An understanding of its principles and practical integration into society is needed for investors seeking to identify where the opportunities lie. – Danny Stefanic, MootUp and Hyperspace CEO and Founder