Use A “Virtual Whiteboard” For Your Next Virtual Meeting! (It’s A Must!)

Manage your remote teams with the right tools

Working with people from all over the world can be tough. Plus, your team needs to collaborate and share ideas and information. To do this effectively and repeatedly, you need the right technology and tools.

The success of your projects will be dependent on how effectively your team works together. And this can be especially challenging when the team is remote. Without the right technology, it’s hard for teams to collaborate and get things done efficiently–which usually means taking longer than necessary to complete tasks and risk missing deadlines.

3D Virtual Meetings over Traditional Video Conferences

3D virtual meeting

Turning to 2D meeting platforms like Zoom can be a solution however it can only work as a temporary one because these 2D meetings are not really personal anymore. They lack actual human interaction and connection. This leads to a loss of focus and productivity and is part of the reason why we now have the all so well-known “zoom fatigue”.

Using 3D virtual meetings will give your remote team an immediate sense of connection which in turn leads to increased interaction, collaboration, and productivity. In 3D immersive environments, this can be achieved easily using the right tools. Tools such as digital whiteboards for example, that allow you to draw on a shared screen, displaying information in the 3D space just like it would if you were in the same physical space.

Using these tools and 3D immersive environments will create a sense of presence for participants. In return, they will be able to accomplish tasks with greater ease and focus, as well as collaborate more effectively.

How to choose the right virtual meetings platform for your needs

virtual meetings platform

A successful virtual meeting requires clear objectives and participant understanding. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to design a great experience that will also give out good results. In order to get started, first determine:
#1 What is the meeting objective or goal?
#2 How can attendees contribute towards fulfilling these objectives?
#3 What kind of capabilities will participants need during the meeting?

These key points will make it easier to choose the right virtual platform to deliver the experience you want.

There are a wide variety of tools that help virtual meeting software breathe life into our collaborations. From video conferencing and chat to spatial audio and video as well as 3D avatars or hologram avatars; these programs offer many different benefits for remote meetings ensuring we get the most out of each one.

There is one tool in particular that stands head and shoulders above the rest when we highlight virtual team collaboration. I’m talking about a tool that enhances real-time collaboration in a 3D space: Virtual whiteboards. 

Virtual whiteboards to enhance team collaboration

virtual whiteboard brainstorming session

An online whiteboard is a tool that allows the participants to write notes and ideas on a shared canvas and then see them instantly reflected by all the other attendees. It’s a great way to brainstorm and capture ideas and it’s a wonderful tool for education.

Virtual whiteboards are a great way to collaborate in real-time with remote team members. It’s like having an interactive dry erase board that you can use anywhere! The best part about them? They make collaboration more fun and creative, which is always good for business (and sanity).

The rich graphics on our latest virtual screens enhance communication between employees while also making it easier than ever before to stay engaged because these devices allow us all kinds of new ways to create content together from different locations around the world – no matter who we work alongside or what time zone they inhabit at any given moment.

Here is an example of the virtual whiteboard used in MootUp. It features real-time concurrent users to draw and write as well as share stuff with each other, which combined with all these other goodies makes for a near-perfect meeting experience that is as close to real-life as possible!

Use cases for virtual whiteboards

Virtual whiteboards in brainstorming sessions

Using a virtual whiteboard during a brainstorming session enables the group to work together even if they are not in the same room. This enables you to tap into the collective genius of the group and generate ideas and solutions to problems that would otherwise have eluded you. By using this technique, you can dramatically increase the productivity of your teams and bring about positive change in your organizations.

Keynotes presentation

A virtual whiteboard is a good idea for presentations because it will allow your audience to see what you are presenting while following along with the information.
Participants can get visual cues, which help them stay engaged and interested in learning more as opposed to just listening from afar without any visuals. This will easily enhance their learning experience.