It doesn’t matter whether you’re leveraging the tools you know & love like Zoom or using our cutting edge features… MootUp is the ‘all-in-one’, 3D virtual reality event platform that delivers the memorable experiences your audience craves. Give your virtual attendees an interactive experience in our digital event space, where we provide you the tools to create an immersive environment that is entirely personalized to you and your event.

Global Reach

Our virtual event software platform allows organizers to reach a global audience, reduce travel costs and host their events regardless of real world challenges and limitations using web based 3D. By hosting an online event in the metaverse, attendees can join from anywhere. You create an alternate solution to travel and schedule related issues that might get in the way of optimal event attendance. With virtual events and interactive features like these, you’ll improve audience engagement in a way you wouldn’t believe.

Generate Leads

Easily track user actions and gather lead data at multiple virtual booth marketing touch points. Virtual business cards, brochures, video and email are just the beginning.

3D Templates

Dozens of pre-made, 3D environments are included with MootUp including auditoriums, trade show and exhibit booths, networking lounges and many more. Our team can also build custom, 3D environments – we’re only limited by our imaginations.

Video Presentations

Both live and pre-recorded video is supported on the online virtual event platform along with the capability of integrating with video streaming platforms such as YouTube Live, BlueJeans, Adobe Connect, Zoom, & more.

Meeting Planners

Schedule keynotes, breakout sessions, exhibition halls, and just about anything else you can imagine. Easily deliver immersive experiences to all event attendees, no matter what device they are using.


Create engaging customizable exhibitor booths leveraging existing content like websites, PDF’s, videos and 3D objects. You may even include new product launches and product updates, all while tracking and reporting on user engagement.


We give branded experiences a whole new meaning. Customize your online conference, virtual environment and imagery to maximize brand recognition at a fraction of the time & cost of sponsoring a traditional event. It’s never been simpler to generate leads at scale.


Among virtual event platforms, MootUp excels in enabling event organizers to optimize attendee experience by providing interactive features for communication and engagement.

Communicate with exhibitors, presenters and other attendees using custom avatars, chat, gestures, voice and video. Just as an in-person, physical event would go, your event guests can interact with each other, engage in private chats or community networking, participate in audience polls, and many other engagement tools. With nothing to install & the ability to attend from any device, attendees can join from anywhere in the world.


Mootup is already being deployed to provide a wide range of solutions to hundreds of companies. Including household names like…


With nothing to install and an intuitive interface based on today’s most used collaboration tools, your attendees are fully engaged right from the start.

Click a venue below to see just how easy it is.

Virtual Office

Virtual Coworking

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Conference

Virtual Breakout Room

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Trade Shows Made Easy

MootUp can operate as a powerful virtual trade show platform, with the following key features and benefits that make us stand out:

  • Reach audience on any device
  • Generate real world leads
  • Monetize virtual visitors
  • Presell 3D floor plans
  • Client branded
  • Stream live video into 3D
  • Multimedia virtual booths
  • Thousands of simultaneous users
  • VR-ready

Connect Everyone, Cross Device, Anywhere

Join via tablet, desktop, mobile, immersive VR or dial-in by phone.

VR/AR support includes:

  • Google Daydream

  • Samsung Gear VR

  • Google Cardboard

  • HTC Vive/Focus

  • Oculus Go/Quest/Rift

  • Microsoft Mixed Reality/Hololens

  • View/Lenovo Mirage Solo

  • Valve Index

  • Nreal

  • Magic Leap One

  • Pico

Video Avatars & 360 Environments

3D avatars not your style? Video avatars can move and interact with the environments just like 3D avatars, it’s your choice.

Use 360 images or video backgrounds for your virtual meeting, whether it’s your office, factory visit or a fun travel destination.


Team Role-Play

Take instructor-led team training online. Role-play scenarios with team members from anywhere. Team building events have never been so fun!  

3D Models

Import any 3D model into your meeting room.

  • Product visualization
  • 3D design
  • Product training
  • Sales demonstrations

Screen Share

Share your Powerpoints, Keynotes, or anything else.

  • Desktop Sharing
  • Application Sharing
  • Browser Tab Sharing


Email to Meeting Zero Installation

Invite participants by email to join your meeting. Nothing to install, no firewall ports to configure, no need to ask IT for help or approval. 

Easy Navigation

The responsive design of our virtual event software platform enables easy access on any device. Touch screen, mouse & keyboard or VR/AR

  • Spawn points

  • Navigation markers

  • Free Teleport

  • VR Hand Controllers

Third Person or Immersive

Click the goggles icon to switch from third person to first person view, or launch life size immersion in your VR/AR headset.

Mobile Magic Window

Immersive mode on mobile creates a magic window into your 3D meeting.

Text Chat & Chat History

Text chat includes features like automatic gestures and emoji explosions
Try typing “coffee”
Try typing “/drink”

Private Messaging

Whisper to your colleagues or friends in the same space or across spaces in a multi-room event.

1000+ Gestures

Express yourself with over 1000 gestures, facial expressions and poses on mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop. Shake your head or wave your arms around in VR, real-life head & hand tracking is shared too.

Participants List

See who’s attending. Add to your contacts, read their profile, whisper or moderate users.


Each attendee has their own uniquely colored laser pointer for drawing attention to presentations or items in the space.

Frictionless Invites

Invite participants by email, one click and they are in.

Shared Whiteboard

Each attendee can contribute to whiteboards in a space.

Your search for virtual event hosting platforms has ended with MootUp!



You don’t need to be an experienced event planner in order to dominate the online event experience. Let us show you how to make your events virtual & boost your ROI on a quick tour of the platform so you can see for yourself just how simple it can be…

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