Virtual Fairs and VR Exhibitions

Host your virtual job fairs, virtual exhibitions, expo events, product launches and so much more for increased engagement.

Virtual Fair

You’re in good company, Moot is being used by 1000’s of organizations

Easy and Customizable Virtual Fairs


Seamlessly connect people from around the world during immersive virtual conferences.  Attendees can meet, network, and even interview directly on the MootUp platform. When visiting a stand attendees can download and interact with content as they would in a physical event. Real-time chat, audio, and video calls ensure maximum user engagement and interaction.

Virtual expo

Custom Virtual Booths 

Beautiful and fully customizable booths empower exhibitors to promote their brand, corporate identity and show their expertise, attracting and engaging the right type of audience for them at every event. Use gamification to boost engagement.

Virtual Booth

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Exhibition Hall

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Job Fairs

Virtual Career fairs are a great opportunity for companies to promote their organization and attracting top talent to be hired. Use MootUp interactive and networking tools to ensure the recruiting of your company.

Virtual Job Fair

Host the Virtual Event that speaks their language

Showcase your university’s unique culture in an easy to navigate virtual environment enhanced with audio and video chat features. Students can join either one-to-one personalized chats where they can interact directly with your university’s reps or in webinar form. Gamify your Virtual Open Days event to amplify engagement even more.

College and Uni Events

Free Guide: Organize your Virtual Fair or Conference

Virtual Events are here to stay. Plan a successful event strategy by downloading this guide. You’ll learn:

  • How to Monetize your Virtual Events
  • Best Virtual Event Platforms
  • Attract and Engage your Audience
  • Virtual Events Ideas

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