Virtual Product Launch

Introduce your product to the world with a Virtual Launch Event. Make the first step memorable, keep your customers astounded. 

Virtual Product Launch

You’re in good company, Moot is being used by 1000’s of organizations

Promote your new product through an immersive virtual launch event

Inform your prospects about your new product and get the conversation going by interacting with them using tools such as webinars, polls Q&A, video and audio calls.

Virtual Launch

A fully immersive virtual environment accessible with the click of a button

Maximize exposure by inviting visitors from across the world by providing access to a fully immersive virtual environment accessible from any device at any time. It’s as easy as copy& paste. First, you copy the link to your virtual space or virtual world and then you share it!

Virtual Booth

Try it yourself now!

virtual conference

Virtual Conference

Improve conversions with interactive engagement tools

Engage, interact, gamify and measure! Engage visitors with captivating content that showcases your product. Interact through online Q&A, polls, one-to-one or group chats or calls. Gamify using pop quizzes, scavenger hunt and much more. Measure with detailed reports for better future planning.

Polls and quizes

Hybrid Event Options

Get the best of both virtual and physical events by combining the two!
Greater audience reach with reduced costs, detailed data attendance to help plan for future events, assurance that your event will be a success no matter the circumstances!

Hybrid Event

Free Guide: 2021 Organize your Virtual Fair or Conference

Virtual Events are here to stay. Plan a successful Virtual Fair or Conference by downloading this guide. You’ll learn:

  • How to organize a Virtual Fair or Conference
  • Best Virtual Event Platforms
  • Attract and Engage your Audience
  • Customize your Fair Booths
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