Virtual Team Building

Successful Virtual Teams make the difference, keep your Team Engaged with MootUp!

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Tools for Virtual Teams 

Forget about installations and IT approvals. All MootUp spaces are accessible from any device, anywhere, and any time. Fully customizable and immersive 3D space are available as private, individual offices, or connected spaces to form a Virtual World. Over 1+ billion style combinations allow staff to customize their 3D avatars to the last detail creating a fully inclusive community that supports personal expression and creativity.

Virtual Meeting

Virtual Team Ice breakers and Activities

Explore Virtual team building ideas. Your virtual team building activities can start with virtual ice-breaker games to create a fun, productive, and engaging, virtual team culture, remote employees from opposite sides of the globe will love.”

virtual team icebreakers

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virtual coworking

Virtual Coworking

Virtual Meetings with your team

MootUp’s virtual meeting tools will adapt to your needs. Instantly available 3D spaces, screen-sharing, laser pointers, sticky notes and so much allow for a constant flow of ideas while brainstorming or working together to solve a problem whether you are in a VR headset or using video or 3D avatars.

virtual meeting

Free Guide: How to Shift from Physical to Virtual Events

Virtual Events are here to stay. Plan a successful event strategy by downloading this guide. You’ll learn:

  • How to Monetize your Virtual Events
  • Best Virtual Event Platforms
  • Attract and Engage your Audience
  • Virtual Events Ideas

Testimonials & Featured Clients

“MootUp bridges the experiential gap by offering a solution that can create immersive and impactful experiences. The platform is super intuitive to use. It even has conferencing, screen sharing, and discussions so if you’re looking for a creative way to have a virtual meeting or conference, MootUp has you covered”

Mark Livelsberger, Volvo Construction Equipment

“The future is in the hands of people like the MootUp team. They have the vision and a head start on the field by pushing on web VR and now XR. Tell them your goals and benefit from their experience”

Neil Nathanson, New York Life Insurance

“MootUp is a standout because they moved in front of a coming trend and created an accommodation before the mass migration in 3D space for corporate events started.”

Christan Nwasike, Association of African American Financial Advisors

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