Want to grow your sales? Why Hybrid events are the answer

With the Pandemic bringing the world to a halt, business owners had to adapt fast to a virtual way of operating. 

How many virtual events have you attended in the past year? 

A 2021 survey carried out by Deloitte has shown that 63% of participants anticipate they will rely on online communication more. Nearly three-quarters of them feel that it has helped them create meaningful connections. 

How do you plan on hosting meetings and training sessions going forward? 

Hybrid events are on the rise. These events feature a collective of in-person and virtual attendees. The virtual attendees take part in the event by joining from their computer or mobile devices, allowing them to offer feedback in real-time. At MootUp, we’re all about immersion! The 3D web technology that powers the platform allows you to access 3D environments from your mobile, laptop, tablet, or VR headset.

What are the benefits of Hybrid events?

Increased Reach: Due to its accessibility, you can expect a bigger turnout and an increased ROI.

Lower Costs and Saving Time: This is a positive for both you, the event organizer, and your attendees. As many of your guests will be attending virtually, you will be able to cut costs on the venue and refreshments. Guests who live too far away from the venue, or abroad, will be able to save money and time as they won’t have to worry about travel costs and accommodation.

Enhanced Engagement: Your virtual audience is actively participating from their mobile devices, computers, tablets, and even VR devices meaning they can talk, share, like, comment, and much more.

Lower Carbon Footprint: As fewer attendees will travel to the venue, fewer meals will be wasted, and less transportation will be required.

Repurpose Content: Once your event is over, you can use the replay to create video content for your website and social media channels.

So, how much does a Hybrid event cost?

Hybrid events will require entirely different budgets depending on the balance between virtual and in-house attendees. Your event might involve a panel speaking from one location with every delegate watching remotely, or it might involve a large conference where the majority of the delegates attend in person, with the option to join remotely for those who want to. 

What do you need to take into consideration when assessing your budget?

Venue Hire

How many delegates will be attending your Hybrid event in person? This number will determine whether you pay £500 per day for a small meeting room or £15,000 per day for an entire conference center.


When hosting a meeting or training session that goes beyond an hour, catering is usually essential. The cost here will depend on whether you will be providing light refreshments or full meals, and on how many delegates attend in person.


Hybrid events are usually filmed, and the replay is sent out to delegates once the session is over. The costs for filming and production will depend on the duration of your event, how many different angles are needed, and if you need multiple sessions recorded. 

Streaming Platform

What platform will best suit your event? Some virtual event platforms give you the ability to live stream directly into the platform using their software. Some require you to use a separate streaming tool that can be embedded into your virtual event platform for delegates to watch. Taking the above factors into consideration doesn’t need to be overwhelming. At MootUp, we have created a user-friendly Event Budget Calculator that will help you determine the cost of your Hybrid event. By selecting the features you’d like in your event, you will receive a detailed budget indication.

55% of virtual event organizers plan to invest more in virtual events this year.

Hybrid Events have an endless amount of benefits! If the past year has taught business owners anything it’s that the future really is technologically driven. With its daily advancements, utilizing its offers is a brilliant way to keep your business thriving and moving with the times.

Head over to our website today and check your budget using our Event Budget Calculator in 90 secs or less!

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