What do Metaverse Events Look Like in 2022? Are you making the most of it?

With the advent of flexible scheduling and remote work, 3D environments are becoming more and more important, and the demand for metaverse technology is rising in the business community. More and more event agencies are joining early adopters in responding to this need and creating solutions that propel their business and through that their clients into the metaverse. 

So, if you’re an event firm or meeting planner looking to get ahead of the competition and learn about gamified, user-friendly, accessible virtual gatherings – such as seminars and conferences– you’ve come to the right place. Hold on to your seat. We’re going to give you a whirlwind tour of a metaverse event. 

Metaverse gatherings harness virtual reality to create more engaging, more social, and more interactive events that can be easily showcased to clients. They attract high-paying corporate sponsors, giving agencies the opportunity to increase sponsor revenue and ROI. 

We’ve broken down metaverse events into four key elements, so it’s easier to digest.

Events on the metaverse are engaging

The first thing you need to know about a metaverse event is that it can be super engaging. It’s said that eventually on the metaverse everyone with an office can have their own AI assistant. For events, AI assistants are already here. On MootUp for example you can add AI chatbots as guides or assistants that greet and interact with visitors until an agency employee is available. You can also customize your gatherings so they include gamified experiences that cut down on “Zoom fatigue”. 

So, when you talk about the metaverse with your clients you can say they offer attendees a dazzling break from the 9-5 grind.  

Events on the metaverse are social

Metaverse events are extra special because they are social and inclusive. One of the reasons for this is the use of avatars. Research shows that avatars improve interaction among participants. To make gatherings especially social, events on MootUp can be customized to maximize chance encounters and support “watercooler moments” where attendees can take five with other guests and talk informally. 

This means when discussing the metaverse with your prospects you can mention that studies suggest virtual worlds are especially good at building networks and communities. 

Events on the metaverse are interactive  

The metaverse for business is leveraging the interactive power and features so far enjoyed only by the entertainment industry or gamers. So it’s basically an enormous video game for business, with 3D avatars, the virtual personalities that let participants freely explore worlds and connect with others. Not only this.

Events can also integrate fun and engaging 3D objects that accentuate the feeling of co-presence and shared experiences. For the enterprise metaverse, these can be, team-building, experiences, employee onboarding, learning & development, product launches, tradeshows, etc.   

As a result of all this, if you talk to a new client about metaverse events, you can touch on how they are a new frontier in online interaction because they offer participants the chance to enjoy all the excitement of a 3D game. 

Events on the metaverse are always on

The metaverse for business is great for agencies because it gives you the option of having an always-on interactive portal to showcase your work, to interact with interested leads, and is accessible on any device.

The metaverse lets you build your own virtual world for your organization or simply for an event. These are always-on virtual venues for prospects to check out the event, access on-demand content, and interact with the environments and 3D assets.

MootUp was developed to provide all these capabilities across the widest range of devices possible including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Let us show you around our platform, book a demo today, and have your event up and running in weeks.

More than that it can be embedded just as you would embed a YouTube video allowing you to add 3D, VR, and AR portals directly on the website, and physical location. This also means you can build your own media room as part of your website and link to different virtual worlds that showcase various examples.

With this in mind, an advantage of metaverse gatherings is that they can be added easily and cheaply to a digital portfolio of event case studies which agencies can use to persuade more leads to collaborate. 

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